SugarHouse Casino SugarHouse Casino
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ladies and Gentlemen, You can see all people watch you from the back here.You can go and hang around in this place if you want to risk your life and property. It's smoke all over the casino.I parked my car at the Lot 'A' and the car was vandalized. I asked for the footage and the sugar house casino management does not have that and they are NOT ready to share or view it once . They said the surveillance camera does not cover the whole parking spaces.. What the goodness ??.They have 2 security guards for the whole parking lot and mostly you can see them greeting near by the front door, because they did not want to risk their life. I have lost valuables and also my favorite sun-glass inside the car. I filed the police complaint in the Philadelphia Police 26th District. There were no securities and please spend some good time without risking your life. Try Valley Forge or go to Atlantic City if you want to have some good time.Sugar House Casino Management does not take any responsibility for my losses. I spoke with one of the security guard and they said they dint like the place however they need to do the job.They don't have Surveillance cameras and don't risk your life. GAMES & Promotions : Black Jack table games are the worst game there. None of the tables have hand shuffle. Most of them are CSM ( Continuous shuffling machine ) and the players there get drunk and lose all their money.Please go and watch before you play. Few tables has automatic shuffler, however the dealer will not deal all the cards from the shoe until it becomes empty. They will reshuffle even if there is a DECK of cards left in the shoe. Trust me if you are an experienced player you would like to be in the game until all the cards are dealt even for a 8 deck game. Promotions are really bad and one of the thing if you lose $1000 a day in Slots or Table games , you will get $50 Match Play or $50 slot Play. Most of the Slots will not work even if you hit the SPIN Button more than once. They don't have good pay outs for the Video Poker as well. Please be safe and hang out in the safe places instead of risking your life in the SUGAR HOUSE casino. If you Lose money, thats Ok, If You lose Life ????? Finally, "Philly Loves a Winner" "Sugar House Casino Hates a Winner "