Trisha Ann
Bannock Peak Casino Bannock Peak Casino
Fort Hall, Idaho
"Trisha Ann"
I had my car inspected by C&S and on my way to the store my driver's side hub cap came off and rolled into the shrubs. I rushed to find help, waved a police man down, who helped retrieve my hubcap. I went back to C&S, who claimed it wasn't their fault that it fell off. He refused to admit it had been removed for inspection. The owner then took the hubcap and banged it back on with his hand. I went down the street and the hubcap came off again. I took it back to C&S who said it was unrepairable. He then took the hubcap from me, and jumped up and down on it. He said it wasn't worth saving. I didn't have a computer, so I went to a friend and 2 months later he found a match for $85. in the state of California.