Yadira Escamilla
San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"Yadira Escamilla"
I was here last night for a concert and had an incident. Stepping off of the escalator going down, my high heel, my expensive red bottoms that were a gift from my husband might I add, got stuck on the crack of the escalator and it took my shoe (heel) into the escalator and I could not get it free. I pressed the emergency stop and tried hard to pull it out as well as others around me that seen the incident and we got it free but my heel was very ruined. I was very upset but I didn't want to miss my concert. I went into the restroom right next the the escalator to try and clean it up but it was really bad. Not at one point did anyone of the casino come to me to check on me. There were two employees guarding the escalator because I had stopped it and when I went up to talk to them, all they said was "oh ok sorry"... I didn't think to even file a claim because I just wanted to get to my concert. Today I decided to call just to see if by chance they would be able to help me in any way to replace it, I called very nicely and even said I was only checking to see if they would. The response I got was horrible!!!! They transferred me to a Corporal Redman in their security department and he was extremely rude from the start. The woman I spoke to said, " I am transferring you the the security that was in charge and is aware of your incident". He answered very rude and said, "yeah". I said " hi I am not sure if the woman before explained my situation to you" he cut me off and said "there were many incidents so what are you talking about" what exactly are you calling about. So I told him, he then said " yes I am aware of your situation and seen the video but I also seen you and your boyfriend leave the scene". He said, " So you leave the scene and now you want to file a claim". Wow!!!! First of of all, there was no need to speak to me that way at all. And yes I did leave the "scene" to go to the concert which was inside the casino and because not one person from the casino came to talk to me even after pressing the emergency stop. No I did not think to file a claim because I wasn't going too.....I just wanted to see the concert and I wasn't calling to complain, I just wanted to ask if they could or would help me. There was absolutely no reason for the treatment I got. He gave the phone to someone else and I could hear him say, "Here you talk to her" and this guy was nicer but said he was not aware of the situation but that they apparently tried to contact me and could not. Really???!? How is that? I was at the concert.... I stopped and talked to the employees at the escalator to show them my shoe, I passed my the same escalator on my way out after the concert.... They did NOT try to find me and they wanted no part of helping me when I showed them my shoe. Everything is on video!!!!!! I bet if I had done something wrong they would have found me and kicked me out.... So that is BS!!!! I wasn't even going to make a big deal out of it but after the way I was treated for calling..... I definitely am going to pursue this. Not one person from the casino came to me and I stopped the escalator.... What if I was really hurt. It could have been my foot! I'm so upset! image1.jpeg Sent from my iPhone