J.B. Beverley
Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wind Creek Casino & Hotel
Atmore, Alabama
"J.B. Beverley"
Not sure where my initial review went, but I have NEVER seen a more sad excuse for a casino in my life. I know now that Alabama doesn't allow table gaming, but given that fact, they need to make their payouts more frequent and higher for their slots. I was told when registering with player services that they'll redeem any first loss from $75-$1,000 when you return, and that it is open-ended. (I live out of state and might not be back for a year) HOWEVER, after losing a record amount of money in little time, I was levying, and a local told me that after 30 days, the money vanishes and you can't redeem anything. I tried to call player services to verify, and after my third attempt, when a human FINALLY answered the phone, I was informed that they don't know how it works, and that I have to call corporate. I have NEVER wasted more money in such a short time in my life. I've also never seen such infrequent payouts on slots and video poker, nor such uncertainty on house policy. Also, don't let the name fool you... This IS NOT A CASINO. It's a slot house... Which isn't their fault, as Alabama's lame laws are what hold them back... BUT given that fact, they need to work on their payouts, and frequency of payouts. You stand way better odds in Mississippi if you're a slot player. My one star is in honor of the cleanliness of my room and nothing more. If I had known that my first losses "might not" be redeemed, I wouldn't have gambled the amount I did, and had I known that I'd be limited to nothing but slots and video poker, I would have stayed away. I've traveled all over the world, and never seen a large, full service hotel/casino that only offer slots. It is deceptive, so be careful! And if slots are your thing, drive to Mississippi. You can win good money there. I should have flushed my money down the toilet instead of putting any into their one "gambling" service. Worse than the lack of payout is the fact that the staff can't even agree on house policy. If you're a serious gambler, STAY AWAY. Unless management is willing to do something to make this right, I'll cut my losses and not only never return, but tell everyone I know to not take their money there. I'm a gambler and can suffer losses, but this is disproportionate. I hate to say it, but the fix is in. Be careful!