David Jamison
California Grand Casino California Grand Casino
Pacheco, California
"David Jamison"
First I want to start off by saying I have never left a review for anywhere ever. I'm know as a holdem and black jack player that plays around I'm from Sacramento. New to the area thought I'd check this place out. I'm in a hand where guy raises I have A7 of spades first position call I call button is the raiser Flop is Q 6 6 two spades I push small stack likely 75 behind me button original raise identified as a strong player. pots about 60 bucks thinks and thinks cant make up his mind and first position that hasn't acted yet calls me out says I'm on a flush draw and he will be folding to call me after the guy thinks for a while finally calls killed my position against the raiser flush doesn't come and he had JJ likely folds with the player behind him . That's how my experience started they didn't do anything never talked to the guy dealer didn't even seem to care. I'm not the angry type was just dissapointed and I asked why did he talk him into it he laughed I let it go and moved on. Also bare in mind I'm not the type to start anything I have a family at Home and I work hard last thing I'm going to do is start anything because there more important things in life. Second I decide to cool off and watch some Paigow and baccarat thinking about possibly playing 15 minutes into watching they call me to the side and tell me usually they have a policy that if you aren't playing after you Lost we let you hang out for 15 minutes but then basically if your not gonna play more you have to leave and I was thinking about playing more but I simply told the gentleman calmly as I'm the type to never get upset that I've played card rooms everywhere use to be all the time before I had my family and now I get treated like this I would have to say that it's my worst experience ever of the 20 different card rooms I played at and honestly I'm shocked I'm even leaving a review because it's something I've never done but for my money with the way my hand was handle and the gentleman on the floor was I'll just drive the extra 30 minutes to cache creek they always treat me great there.