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Dec 7 '19 at 17:41

MSC Divina

MSC Divina Casino
I will NEVER again sail on MSC Divina! No one can give you a straight answer as to how many $$ for a point. Was told it "Does Not" go by dollars, it goes by your minimum bet x how long you play. I spent over 4K and barely got over 3900 pts. Very confusing and very hard to get points. Smoking... we were limited to 2 rows in the entire casino to smoke. Those areas were always packed had to wait for machines while the non-smoking sections were empty. Then had to put up with the nasty comments by the non-smokers who were playing in our smoking section and complaining about the smoke. Had a mobility scooter and had to leave it in the hallway because the room was too small, the shower was very tiny. The music and were opera, tango and violins, I'm 65 not 100. Ship was too old for me. lol The waitress in the casino were the best! I had an amazing room steward. One of the photographers walked with us in Jamaica and went above and beyond to insure our safety. Just wish they were on another cruise line. The passengers where mostly European and a lot of them VERY rude. They would jump lines let elevator doors close in your face while your trying to get in.