Torrence Williams
Hollywood Casino - Aurora Hollywood Casino - Aurora
Aurora, Illinois
"Torrence Williams"
I used to come to this place a lot as a kid after shopping with my family to eat. The food and a lot of the cool statues they had were amazing. They moved the casino inside then and I had to stop going. My mother stopped coming for a bit because of an altercation with one of the guards assuming my mom had stolen something which she didn't and it was found to be picked up by the ladies husband. We decided to give then one last chance because it brought me some great memories from my childhood and I figured it would be nostalgic. A lot of those old movie statues were removed which sort of made me sad. They remodeled which is to expected. I Had an ok time gambling though. A problem came about when I went to the bar to get a drink and it was in a small glass. This wasn't an issue until I got the same drink brought to me by a bar maid and it was in a larger glass for the same price. The thing that REALLY made me upset and probably will be the reason I may never spend another penny in there is because I was accused of taking a photo with my phone. I was away from a table, checking Facebook, and not in anyone's way. One of the guards approaches me accusing me of taking a photo to which I tell him I didn't and he asked to see my camera roll because another guard apparently saw me take a photo. I wasn't issued an apology, the guy looked at me as though I was aggressive because of me being upset for being accused, and I wasn't issued an apology upon showing him my camera roll. That is highly ridiculous, rude, and left me with a bad experience. They need to do better!!!

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