Julie Glatczak
Bad River Lodge & Casino Bad River Lodge & Casino
Odanah, Wisconsin
"Julie Glatczak"
I have debated in writing a review for the past year or so until finally decided to write one. I don't want to sound like a "sore loser" or a "whiner/complainer" but I have been going to this casino for years, even when it was the little building back in 1990 and I'm not kidding when I say this, I have walked out $$ ahead only 1 time and it was like I was close to being $200 ahead from what I spent. I finally got the nerve up to ask for the floor supervisor last Saturday while playing the Game King "Diamond Mine" slot machine, which is the type of machine I play all the time (except for a time when I can't get on one), anyhow I asked him what was the percentage of payouts for the slots and his reply was, "I have no clue, I'm just the floor supervisor. I'm not a tech." I then asked him for a "ballpark" percentage of payout and again he replied, "I have no clue. I'm not a tech." I won't say how many hundreds I put into the machine the past ? Saturdays in a row but usually I am able to win the "5 of any kind fruit" which pays $45, yes $45, and for 4 weeks straight I never even hit them 1 time, let alone the $225 bonus. I am questioning whether to return there or not.One thing I do like is it is the closest casino within driving distance to me and Phyllis the floor supervisor is just awesome, in fact she was the reason why I've been contemplating whether to write a review or not so Phyllis, please don't take this personal because you are the best and a very kindhearted and very professional at your job...kudos to you!! I also keep hearing the phrase, "Say it forget it. Write it regret it."in my mind and some will think I made an a** out of myself for writing this, but something's gotta change there to even make it worth my time, effort, and cash to continue going there!!