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Jun 25 '16 at 13:45

Adria McHenry

Adria McHenry
The buffet food was HORRIBLE and COLD. There were birds and flies everywhere. The birds were flying in eating off people's plates and the food on the buffet, it was disgusting. My friend complained to the hotel staff who said they spoke to the kitchen management but nothing was done. The only way to get a decent hot meal was to wait FOREVER at one of the restaurants. The beds were 2 twin beds pushed together desguised as one big bed not ideal for a girls trip. We ended up pushing the beds as far apart as we could which wasn't much considering the sleeping area was SMALL and on a step up platform. The bed was hard as hell but luckily we read the reviews prior to coming and came prepared with padded mattress covers in our luggage. Supposedly the room we had was remodeled but I couldn't tell. Oh and the Wifi sucked it is only in the lobby unless you purchase a router and that sucked too. Might not be a big deal to most but if you're taking online classes it's a big deal. The only reason I am giving this resort two stars and not one is because the staff was very polite and the Apple Vacation representative was wonderful, and the resort scenery was beautiful . I would not recommend this resort to anyone it is not worth the all inclusive price.