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Dec 30 '14 at 22:58

Nico Letti

Nico Letti
I agree with Carol! Shady dealers and locals tell the whole story when they smirk and blatantly act as if they are rehearsing a scene from the movie CASINO every 1o minutes. By far the most unprofessional and self absorbed "click" of low life's I have ever come across. Some of the stories that come out of the dealer's mouths while they are dealing will tell it all. Keep your cash close, set the alarm on your parked car and never order a drink you cannot open yourself or keep in your site at ALL TIMES! We now drive over the bridge to the new Phoenix Casino! Awesome fun and oh so glad we were treated like CRAP at AOSP! Infact we fly into Portland more than ever before just to cross the bridge into Washington and get treated like the respectful and loyal patrons we are! The AOSP will never compare as long as they keep hiring yesterday's rejects and tomorrow's most wanted!