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Mar 9 '14 at 14:47

Cheyenne Newman

Cheyenne Newman
RUDE EMPLOYEE'S, POORLY MANAGED & LIMITED PARKING! I called to find out about their Bingo, and the girl on the phone was a little rude, but I figured okay that is just one employee, I am not going to judge based on one person. When we arrived last night, the parking lot was PACKED, and people had to park down the street and walk up to the Bingo hall. When we got in, we were worried there wasn't enough seating available but we were told there was room for 3 more people, we walked around the hall which was smothered in a thick cloud of cigarette SMOKE looking for a place to sit with no luck and had to have an employee help us make room at a table. When we asked him for help in finding a place to sit he laughed at us at first, and then helped us reluctantly. When they sell you a pack of cards, it does not include the extra games, and they don't sell the extra games with enough time, they just bring them out the game before it begins, so a lot of people had to wait a long time to get cards, or simply NOT play the extra games. The first extra game they came out with, I asked the Indian lady what it was and she was flat out RUDE when she told me it was an extra game. Later in the game the caller mentioned a Bonanza game, and I walked up and asked another Indian employee what it was and she rolled her eyes at me. When you are waiting in line for snacks or to use the bathroom, people cut in front of you! This was a HORRENDOUS experience!!! I will never return! Every employee that was RUDE was Indian! I know the Indian tribal members make money off of the gaming, and there is no way in HE!! that I will ever give them another dime and even though I actually won money last night, the RUDE employees did not encourage me to ever come back! I do NOT recommend this place!