T.J. Nieman
Aces Players Club Aces Players Club
Portland, Oregon
"T.J. Nieman"
I have played at all the poker clubs, and Aces is by far the weakest club. It's not the location that bothers me, it's not the game selection, or even the value of the tournaments. The reason Aces sucks is because the staff/players are awful. THIS IS THE UNFRIENDLIEST CLUB IN PORTLAND. When you walk in, you can tell nobody gives a crap you're there. When you go to the counter, there's no smiles or even a hello, it's strait "Give me your cash, let's go, let's go!" So you sit down at their noon tournament (which has a pretty good structure, being deep stack and all) and you look around. Nobody is having fun. The dealers are zombies. It's as if all the fun of the game has been sucked out. This is even truer in the shootouts where people can become stuck hundreds of dollars quite quickly. The vibe of the club has probably gotten even worst since they have introduced alcohol. If poker for you is a grind with no humor or fun whatsoever, and you just want to sit with your headphones on and glare at other players who are glaring back at you, sure, this club will work for you. But you certainly won't find me there, I'll be at The Players Club or Big Stacks Players Club where the staff/owners actually acknowledge you as human beings instead of $10 dollar signs.