Marty Katkansky
Aces Players Club Aces Players Club
Portland, Oregon
"Marty Katkansky"
I have played at Aces since it opened. I have played at all the other downtown and east side clubs as well and I keep coming back to Aces because overall it is the best poker club and their volunteer dealers are the best. Have there been dealers with attitude? yes, but they're not there now. It is very well run. I never doubt its honesty or fairness. If a player creates a problem (seldom happens) it is handled. Players who continue to be problems are eighty-sixed, some permanently. BG's Bar provides both food and drink in the club. No need to go downstairs. By far, it has the best shoot-outs in town. I generally play during the day and their nooner is great, offering substantial prize pools in deep stack play.