matt guthrie
Hollywood Casino - Columbus Hollywood Casino - Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
"matt guthrie"
To start, im an avid craps and blackjack player. Always hit the casino's when travrling for work or play. I live 10 minutes from Hollywood and never go anymore. Horribly run Casino. Never can get on a table... They always have minimal staff on the floor. Went in with $1000 on a friday night, only 3 craps tables and 4 blackjack tables open, all packed and people waiting to play. Meanwhile there are 4 or five vacant tables not in use. After waiting 2 hrs we gave up and left. Ive gone in a dozen times, varying time a day and week. They would rather have a table packed and people waiting than open one of the other dozen tables they have sitting empty. I just stopped trying to go, always a miserable time, always a struggle to get an opportunity to gamble. I waited 45 minutes for a new table to open, and the table boss actually said to the pit boss "raise the minimum up so we don't get busy" and the boss agreed. And the severs at the tables only take cash (no card no chips), and if your licky enough to get a chance to gamble your looking at 30 mins to get a drink from when you order it. Save your money go to a well run Casino like the one in Cleveland.