Adora Bayman
Comanche Spur Casino Comanche Spur Casino
Elgin, Oklahoma
"Adora Bayman"
Lost thousands of dollar in this casino and I used to have elite card but since I dont like using it very often I still played almost everyday they downgrade it to premier card which I think is BS I already earned it infact I had all the copy of my atm withdrawals receipt in the past couple months to prove that I still played just dont like using it, Also some of the security guard are lazy to do their job I had my money got stolen in the machine while Im trying to find somebody to watch it while Im going to the ATM so instead of checking the surveilance so they can catch the person stolled my money they asked me what the person look like meanwhile the person took it getting away . Need to be more strict on people going around the casino and cashing out tickets wasn't theirs I seen this too many times . Worst ventilation too !!