Susanna Relva
Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
D'Iberville, Mississippi
"Susanna Relva"
Visited the Scarlet Pearl as part of a bus trip, on the 9th to the 12th. Entering the lobby, we found it very cold, and thought it was from the doors opening so often. (WRONG) The elevator is activated by using your room key, but others on the elevator with you do not have to activate it. This is a security feature. (Some security system) Went to our room to freshen up and unpack before dinner. We decided on the buffet, which was a very poor choice. The was a limited selection, and it was tasteless. No breakfast buffet either. We had had the buffet at the Beau Revage, Imperial Palace and Boomtown, and never had a problem. The room has floor to ceiling windows, and we were looking at the ground for the parking garage that is yet to be built. The curtain is activated by remote control, an it does blacken the room. The hotel is six months old and the carpet is stained. The coffee cup was used and put back dirty, and we picked up matted human hair fro the floor. The bathroom could fit ten people and the shower six. There is know hand rail in the shower. The shower mat is a 1X2, and the shower is at least five feet in length. Had breakfast and lunch at Under the Oaks. Nothing was hot, not even the coffee. There as more than enough food. Had pancakes, three large ones, and sausage patties. I can eat, but was unable to finish the pancakes and only one of the three sausages patties. They could serve less. and people would be happy. There is no breakfast buffet, which was a let down, as the other hotels offer it. I'm sure they will in the future if they wish to compete with the other hotels. The bed was the best part, very comfortable. Would I go again, don't think so. To many nice hotels to chose from. Casino is small and you won't get lost, but very cold in the entire building. Even went outside to get warm.