Vincent Caballer
Orlando Jai-Alai & Race Book Orlando Jai-Alai & Race Book
Casselberry, Florida
"Vincent Caballer"
I have been to many sport wagering facilities in my time but this was definitely the worst I came to. The only reason why I came here than going other places was because I read about the history of the place. The facility was dirty and with not much to speak about in the way of food. I had friends with me and one of the other reasons why we came here was because the website listed 2 restaurants and it was dinner time when we showed up. When we got there that was the first thing we looked into. All I could find was snack bars on all 3 floors. When I asked someone working there about the restaurants they said there was only one on the bottom floor. Me and my friends went to the so called restaurant and was told that there was a $5 entry fee just to get into the place. There was no menu posted to see what food was offered and when I peeked in the window it didn't even have a restaurant atmosphere. We decided to just go with the snacks and eat somewhere else after wagering on the Kentucky Derby. I doubt I'll ever go back or refer other to go there and have the same experience me and my friends had.