Craig G
Northfield Park Racetrack Northfield Park Racetrack
Northfield, Ohio
"Craig G"
If you're on the East side, why would you ever go downtown for a concert again? Not that any decent acts go downtown anymore anyhow, but I’ve digressed. I wasn't too sure what to expect on my first trip here. I can tell you that the last thing I expected was to be super impressed, which I was. Think Vegas quality decor, but cleaner. This is specifically a review for the casino/concert venue which is a totally different building than the race track that appears to be mostly unchanged. I live about 12 minutes away by any common navigation system, and it took me exactly 12 minutes to get there. No more traffic than any shopping plaza would have. I was running late, so that was nice. Parking was no problem, in fact, there is more than enough parking. We ended up about 10 rows from the front doors. I should mention that this was a sold out show and the casino was busy. Drinks are reasonable, about 25% more than a typical bar. No $8 stadium beers with a 15 minute wait. There wasn't any open restaurant to speak of after the show, just a gas station style sub display. This place would be perfect if they could get some table games and a 24 hour – okay, a late night - buffet. Looking forward to our next concert here.