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Spokane, Washington
"sassyblonde inwa"
Some of the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of being part of.. I ordered a bacon burger.. told the young woman exactly what I wanted on it.. when it was handed to me there was no bacon.. no onions.. and something white I had not ordered. the woman I ordered from was not there so a young man went back to get me onions and bacon to put on it which I was totally ok with .. but when the young woman came back she was SUPER NASTY... stating I could just wait while they made me a new one in a very nasty voice.. and when I said I did not ask for the white stuff on it she says mayonnaise .. in a super nasty your stupid manner... and I said excuse me .. there are green things in it its not mayonnaise... she sneered at me like I was stupid.... I was there just for a minute with a friend and he told me she is a girlfriend of one of the bosses. I would NEVER go there and order food from her again.. in this day and age with as hard as it is to get new business and keep customers.. you would think horrible customer service would not be tolerated even by family members....