Commissioner Shogun
7th Street Casino 7th Street Casino
Kansas City, Kansas
"Commissioner Shogun"
I've been here over 10 times in the past 2 months and lost every single time (over $5,000 total). When you walk through the door its like you're going to a funeral because the attendants and security never say anything to you. Open your mouth and say good luck, how are you, have a good day, something!! Attendants, when you get someone something to drink, ask other people and not just the same person over and over. Also, stop huddling up and running your mouths with each other, walk around the floors and help people. We are ALL paying your salary when we gamble, show some appreciation and stop ignoring everyone. I've had family members and friends go to 7th St a couple of times too and they've all lost as well. Save your money and take a trip to Oklahoma, they have better casino's and their staff are actually cordial. Stay away from this place. **Update** - I went back to see if anything changed. Looks like they're remodeling the 3rd floor now so you kiss your money goodbye as they probably need money for the remodel. Again, none of the workers said one word to me while in the casino and I lost a few hundred dollars in about 20 minutes. Good luck to you if you decide to go here but I'm done with this place.