T.J. Nieman
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Portland, Oregon
"T.J. Nieman"
This is by far the best poker club in Portland. Location? Check, 2 blocks from the 60th MAX station Atmosphere? Check, Very laid back, everyone is friendly, no pressure. Value? Can't get better. Only $5 door fee at 11 AM, only club still with punch cards Staff? Chadd is a great guy, and the dealers are all very friendly and professional. Game Selection? They got every type of Omaha, Big O becoming their staple. I've played at all of the clubs in Portland. For a while, I played primarily at Big Stack Players Club, but since days work better for me than nights, I started playing here and never looked back. This poker club has a better/more friendly atmosphere than Big Stacks and that is saying something! Unlike at Final Table, Aces, and Encore, the dealers and the owner (Chadd), actually care that you are there, and treat you like an actual person and not just a $10 dollar sign. (Speaking of, this is the only club where the door fee is NOT $10 if you come in at 11 AM). The tournaments here all have great value. For $5 in the mornings at 11 AM, you can take down a $300-$400 1st place prize. The Player of the Month tournament which runs the 1st Sunday of every month is the best value tournament in all of Portland with $400 added and an awesome structure that rewards patience. I'm sure I will play lots of poker at lots of other clubs/venues, but this will always be my favorite and my poker home.