Dawn Vaio
JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown
Detroit, MI
"Dawn Vaio"
My husband and I took a mini vacation to this casino/hotel. This was our first time away together ever, as having eight little ones, we do not get the opportunity to to get away. When we arrived, our room was not yet cleaned and we had to wait in the hall for over an hour. The rooms were small but updated. The casino was great, however, we are coming from Greece and all businesses in USA seems larger and hold a larger variety. The first night was horrible. Our pillows were lumpy and very rock like. However, the bed was a big issue. We didn't get to sleep well at all and ended up sleeping in due to the bed. It had a curve in the middle as if it has been repeatedly jumped on in the middle, causing it to be uneven all around. We informed the front desk, who apologized and said they could switch out the beds. This made no sense to us, why not just switch rooms? But to get a good night sleep for the next night, we agreed and waited. After an hour , nothing was done and we called yet again. The receptionist said the person before was wrong and they would move us to another room. We grabbed out belongings and went to the new room and waited for the card to be brought up, as we were told. Another hour passed and nothing. We waited in the hall and the door was not unlocking, to the point, the cleaning staff felt bad for us and was also calling and informing the front desk that we had been waiting for too long and by this time our previous room was now locked as well. Finally, they fixed everything and the new key card was brought up as there was a problem with the first card. I went and explained to the front desk that we lost pretty much a whole day and they said they would give us a free breakfast. Although, this was great that they at least compensated us, it was in the wrong way. If you never had a honeymoon and it being your first time to get away, they should have offered another night at no cost. Although, we were impressed with the size of the casino compared to what we were used to in Greece, we were not impressed by the customer service. The owners need to take a page from the Greek casino/hotels in customer service. A large casino/hotel should not decrease the importance of customer service. The Vaiopoulos Family.