Chelsey Miler
JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown JACK Casino-Hotel Greektown
Detroit, MI
"Chelsey Miler"
Myself and some friends booked some rooms at the hotel on a Friday night. First off as soon as we entered the room it reeked of cigarette smoke. But we all came down to celebrate my birthday so I was not going to let something like this ruin the night. Well after our night in Detroit we came back to room to refresh, and when leaving a friend in my group broke one of the lamps in the hallway. Now we COMPLETELY take responsibility for this and understand that we would need to pay to replace it. We did not understand why we needed to pay $230 to fix it!!! I have seen the same exact lamp at IKEA for $20, so we just could not understand where they were getting their numbers from. After asking to speak with the manager about the issue we were told that they would not come down and speak with us (blatant lack of customer service) but that they would be back in on Monday and we needed to call and discuss the matter then. And do you think when we called 3 times, and left 3 messages on Monday that we ever received a call back? Nope, we didn't. What is the point of even having a manager if they do not respect when a PAYING customer would like a simple conversation. Now I understand some people may think we deserve to have to pay this price, but when my group spent over $1000 in rooms, I think we at least deserved a call back. So moral of the story if you stay at Greektown hotel, do not have ANY accidents what-so-ever or you will definitely "pay" the price.