Josh Singer
Newport Grand
Newport, Rhode Island
"Josh Singer"
While walking through the back portion of the Newport Grand-owned parking lot, a friend and I were harassed and intimidated by a guy in a truck labeled "Sterling Landscaping." He was very close to running us over, intentionally speeding past us at speeds 50+ MPH three times. He confronted us and tried to question why we were walking through the roped off portion of the parking lot, etc. Very confusing exchange, this was not posted as a "no trespassing" area or anything like that, it was a completely empty parking lot with only this truck nearby. I reported this to their "security,"his name was "Mark." Mark was irritated by us and wanted nothing to do with us. We requested information about what was happening with those folks in the back corner of the parking lot, reporting what had happened. Mark repeated the response "what do you want me to do about it?" in a very loud and unprofessional manner. Mark stood up, placed his hands on my shoulder without asking permission and proceeded to send me towards the door, telling me I was being kicked out and if I did not leave I would be arrested and he'd call the police, in a profanity laden rant. I asked Mark to please not place his hands on my, to which he continued to once again do as he pushed me out the door. Before I was out the door, I asked Mark if I could please have his last name. Mark responded "My last name is F*** You." We reported this to the supervisor via the phone, her name was "Karen." Karen had little sympathy and refused my request to come outside to speak with me. Additionally, a head of security gave me a call (I believe he stated his name as Captain Phillips) and proceeded to tell me he and his staff were not responsible for what happens in a leased out portion of their parking lot. The incident was reported to the Newport Police. There is something very sketchy going on there; the whole situation left me extremely confused. As a Newport resident, I am well aware of the negative press Newport Grand gets, and this was a clear indication of why.