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Sale Racecourse Sale Racecourse
Sale, Victoria
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this is full of professional traders who are there to blag an extra buck from unsuspecting shoppers. so much stalls there that great deals can be found amongst the real car boot sellers who are lovely and just doing it right. stay clear of the guys who say they are only there this day and wont be back again, its just to get you to buy, theyre there every week! funny to say hi to them every week though. ensure you use the toilet before visiting this boot as there are very little amenities and as far as i could tell this place is hardly wheelchair friendly although there are the token morbidly obese 'i'm disabled get out my way' bunch who barrel around on their highspeed heavyweight mobility scooters without a thought for your continued safety or that of the items you purchase as they will RUN YOU DOWN at every given opportunity. i'd advise people to be bold, tough and not allow poeple to push you around when visiting this bootsale as they use tactics such as blowing cigerete smoke at the back of your head to get you to move when they want to look at what your looking at on a stall.