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Jun 20 '16 at 17:34

Abbas G. Awadh Salmeen

Abbas G. Awadh Salmeen
Bahrain is one of the areas rich purebred Arabian horses, where he was associated with Arabian Horse name to this area since ancient times. The famous authentic Boukiha that received superior care they deserve, where the horse was named Bahrain as the "horse Alqua" analogy has Pearl which is from the sea ground , and is considered purebred Arabian horses a symbol of strength and stamina in Bahrain's history. Bahraini horses also characterized by striking roots deep in history, where Excavation works revealed the skeletal remains of horses back to "2000" in BC, also shows a picture of a horse on some inscriptions seals dating back to more than four thousand years, historians have stressed that Bahrain was in the Middle Ages Islamic Arabian horses exported to India and possibly China. high specifications According to generally accepted standards among interested people and specialists to know Arabian Horse flowing has brought amateur and interested Bahraini elite of Arabian horses from Najd and other areas recognized as having the oldest and the origin of the species purebred Arab, Vhafzawa the purity of strains And they built it appropriate to take care of them and breeding and training stables and staged its different races.