Steve Lomans
CSI Poker Room CSI Poker Room
Temperance, Michigan
"Steve Lomans"
I was a member at CSi (a life member lol). Not anymore. The staff are friendly and, if you don't mind waiting for drinks whilst they socialise, are very outgoing. Saturday I waited 15 minutes for a drink & to put Kenosha on. 5 of that was waiting for the staff to bother to attend customers. Last night, Saturday 12th December, I handed my membership back to them. Each week for the last 3 months since I joined I've spent, or lost lol whatever, over $800/week. I say I've paid for most of the upgrading of the place :) but after putting my last $3.20 in a vending machine and being looked & talked to like I'm an idiot (probably am for being bored enough to waste money on losing), then checked me out like I'm lying about the lack of written & visible notification on or about the machine being OUT OF ORDER by the head doorman. Who looked upset for being ask to justify his existence. Then the Manager came over to lend his brilliance to the equation & offered me pen & paper to write for headdresses helping me to recover $3.20 the last of the $500 I bought in & hadn't lost, til now, then he wanted to exchange addresses? did he want me to write the vending machine owner to bring an out of order sign or? it wasn't clear. Is this how club members are treated in other clubs? Where did they get managers from? . I will never spend another cent there. How Rude. I wouldn't go to CSi to the recover the extra money in my account there let alone recommend them for ANYTHING...