Scott Lee Webb
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba
"Scott Lee Webb"
The New management of this casino should be fired. 6 years ago when the back room, now the high stakes rip off ball room was penny slots, the casino was a fun place to go to. Attendants were walking around eager to assist and cash you out, now too much has changed too fast. No more benefits for the everyday average person only benefits for the Elite spending thousands of dollars. When a business turns against their regular customers and starts labeling everything ELITE, there's a huge problem that says we only care for the Elite members. Recently the 3rd floor south parking garage was converted for Elite VIP parking, an empty VIP Elite room was built in the back that's always empty, and now recently parking arms for VIP elite card swiping is being added to the parking garages, and the member staff advises that parking will be free for Elite VIP'S and regulars will pay when staying over a certain time frame, valet parking use to be free with tips, and now is charged. $30 for expedited valet, lol? There are no more attendants unless you win big which is rare as the machine payouts are tighter than a monkeys behind. When you remove the somewhat equal balance and give all perks to only the elites spending crazy money, you alienate the middle class, who makes up 90% of your customers, so why renovate your entire casino to label everything and now even parking for the Elites? You make more money off the middle class players combined than you do for the Elites. Every time a new area pops up or a gate goes up, its labeled Elite, You may as well put up a water fountain for different ethnicities as this is what you are portraying to your customers. I have a 70 yr old client who gambles $600/week between her and her husband, they use to be Elite, but was down graded, can you believe this? You can not continue to take in so much money, and continue to allow for such an unequally balanced experience for gamblers. I have tons of clients that gamble here and they are angry with all the Elite changes and will stop coming. Why don't you fire your management team, and revert back to the kind, fun place you were 6 years ago, where you could actually win some money, have some fun and not be damned for not being an Elite member every corner you turn. Its beyond ridiculous. You need to remove your labels, and create a balance casino for gamblers. This Tampa casino can not be the drain hole to support your other properties, in Vegas a room costs $100/night to promote gambling, you guys charge $500+/night? The greed keeps adding up with each new renovation, you can not sustain continuing in this manner. I have personally witnessed these changes myself, and you guys have some serious issues to say the least. I heard you hired a Manager from Vegas, one would think he would have made your casino a pleasant place to gamble, instead he is increasing your revenue at the cost of your customers. Making money is obvious, but when you label people, and thieve people, its unbalanced, and people will get tired of it quickly.