Kewadin St. Ignace
Saint Ignace, Michigan
Can't believe I'm the first to review this but yeah it is a basic casino with a selection of slots blackjack rulette and a bar. When I was there there was a live band. I did win 60 bucks on 40 with rulette so not a bad night. The major downside to this place, and the reason for 3 stars is that the parking lot is barely lit and unsafe at night. The entrance has no street light as well so it is hard to see. The rulette dealers also all seemed like the wally world version of a casino employee. They didn't call "no more bets" but just motioned people not to put chips, I kind of like the feeling when they shout no more bets. I don't know why. They could basically be replaced by machines. I usually tip when I win but did not this time. All in all your average "well there's nothing else to do" casino.