Jui Hong Teoh
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"Jui Hong Teoh"
Off to see the Queen! It’s a great way to end my English roadtrip by making my final stop in Windsor, the royal residence of the royal family. It’s just outside of London and very accessible via car. One of the most amazing things I got to see was the amazing State Apartments (sorry, they didn’t allow cameras inside) where you can imagine the Kings and Queens of England hosting various state visits. There was also plenty of spectacular displays from English medieval times like Knights armour and swords which was really breathtaking (again, too bad no photographs). The Queen was in when I visited and was just about to present knighthoods in the Waterloo Chamber. The gardens outside the Round Keep at Windsor is really beautiful to see. Great place for a royal jog? This place is huge! One of the things about Windsor that amazes me is how large it is. Exploring this place took time, more than I had expected! By the way, one of the things to check out is Queen Mary’s elaborately decorate dolls’ house. It’s a beautifully designed doll house fit for a doll King or Queen. Heading up the State Apartments you can view out the castle to the fields outside. What an amazing view, I wish I could wake up every morning to such beauty. I wonder what the view might have been like on the other end. I should drive up to the far end of the field and witness the vastness of Windsor Castle. Sometimes, after you have seen enough cathedrals and buildings in England, you might be tempted to skipped some no matter how great the Gothic architecture is. But this one at Windsor Castle, the St George’s Chapel holds very important tombs of 10 Kings and Queens of England, including the famous King Henry VIII. If you are on a hunt for Tudor history and heritage, this is the place to be.