Erik Sanchez
Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino
Laveen, Arizona
"Erik Sanchez"
My very first experience here and the first thing that occurred was being told how to put money into a machine and not being shown anything other than that causing me and my guests to be robbed. The staff failed to explain the cash out process upon leaving each machine. On top of the errors machine wise the manager Refused to help us get pur.miney back. Stating WE DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON AMOUNTS LESS THAN $250.00 SO WE WILL NOT BE REIMBURSING YOU. Once I mentioned it was our first-ever experience in a casino her tune changed dramatically! All of a sudden we were given our money back as a credit. I felt very unhappy at this moment and besides being carded every time we walked to a new area of the small casino the free soda was the best part of the night. Regrettably I will Not be returning to this location nor its hotel. And also a side note My guests and I were approached by a staff member who was working on a trash can asking us if we mess with (pedico) unknown spelling but he clarified cocaine. Extremely unprofessional and a sad experience for us.