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Nooksack River Casino Nooksack River Casino
Deming, Washington
"c cdebaca"
I was going to write to you privately, but as you do not have a website (shame on you in this day and age), I will do so publicly. Your Thursday buffet is the only "high calorie" meal many seniors eat all week. It has been a "community service" for them. I have heard seniors at the 72X bus stop on Sunset discuss the buffet with other seniors for several years. Now I understand that you are only going to serve breakfast ALL DAY in April as a test to see if it pays off? Granted, breakfast is easy to digest. BUT it also doesn't keep you feeling full for very long. (the biscuits and gravy smelled moldy to me) Some of the wait staff said that it has had good reviews. From whom? I took guests with me last Thursday and really talked up the buffet. My friends are in the Food Service industry and own their own food business. They would have come back for the Seafood and Prime Rib buffets on a regular basis had they been impressed with the buffet which I had assured them they would. I WAS DISAPPOINTED that Breakfast was being served at 2:30pm and that it would continue all day. My guests politely told me it was okay but they just picked at the menu items, so I know it wasn't okay. MY SUGGESTION: serve breakfast until 2:00pm and then serve an evening meal selection from 2:00-9:00pm. This will allow you to save money (hence the cheap breakfast menu) and it will allow the seniors, who rely on your buffet, to choose which time to enter your establishment. It will also allow customers with disposable incomes to evaluate spending more money on your "spendier" menus. My friends may not return. I am not sure I will, yet. I can assure you that if your buffet is still serving breakfast when I am looking for an evening meal, I will not purchase a buffet meal. NOTE: the service you perform for the senior community could be a tax deduction.