Alexander Marshall
Opera House Casino
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Alexander Marshall"
Source: Regular casino goer- been to Las Vegas, Macau, London, Paris, Singapore, Australia and most of the casinos there. Poker is completely unprofessional with no cash games run, or run extremely rarely (once a month). 2 tournaments per week are highly disorganised. Customer service is terrible, especially if you win. I was playing roulette putting 180 pounds on black and I won, the next thing I noticed was how all the casino staff started to gossip and make notes about me, I have never heard a nice word from any of the staff. There are no playing rewards system; if you want to play high stakes don't play here. This place is only good for having a few drinks and risking low amounts (for fun). If you are a serious player DONT GO HERE. Im sure there are plenty of casinos in Manchester, Leeds or even London which would be much better to spend your money at. I would love to share my other thoughts about the casino, but I'm not that mean of a person to disrepute it with a large impact.