Levi Stuckey
Coral Hamaca Beach Hotel & Casino Coral Hamaca Beach Hotel & Casino
Boca Chica Beach
"Levi Stuckey"
As far as acamadations and food go this resort is medorce at best. Now it's an affordable resort so I'd say you're getting what you pay for. The beach is very nice. The rooms are less than cleanly but its not the worst place I've stayed in. If I were rating this place just on accamdations it would deserve at least a 2 maybe 2.5, but its getting a 1 because I was propositioned by 3 prostitutes and a pimp throughout the evening that I spent at this resort. The pimp tried to sell me girls and drugs. Now I realize this kind of stuff happens all the time outside of resort walls, however it is unacceptable for the resort to allow this kind of thing within its walls! Clearly the resort has some sort of arrangement with these working girls, because they walked freely among the guests of the resort withing its walls. As did the pimp. The beach is nice and they have beds, but I gotta believe you can do better than this place. Not a classy establishment.