Jim Linehan
Princess Cruises - Emerald Princess Princess Cruises - Emerald Princess
Seattle, Washington
"Jim Linehan"
This review is based on keeping in mind of a few major points. 1. This is the closet/only place to gamble on the east coast until you hit Jacksonvills Victory Casino Boat. 2. It's a gambling ship, not a cruise line. If you don't gamble do yourself a favor and simply don't go, there is no other draw. He food is very good and the staff is always great to deal with. A good dinner on the way out to sea which is about a 45 minute trip each way. The gaming is decent for what this is. Slots are tight but you will see people winning jackpots frequently. The largest slit jackpot I seen was about $1500. Plenty of Blackjack tables but beware, the dealers cut a hard two decks of of a six deck gaming shoe. Standard casinos will only cut about 1.5 decks. This gives the boat a considerable advantage over the player because that less cards that will be played. Dealers are total robots. Trained to deal hands and under as strict rule to keep conversation and chit chat out of the game, makes for very empty tips boxes. I don't tip them for anything. Fun time and have won as much as $1500 playing BJ on several occasions. Would recommend if you like gaming and the atmosphere that goes with it.