Randall Thomas
SouthWind Casino Kaw City
Kaw City, Oklahoma
"Randall Thomas"
As far as casino play goes the winning is along the same lines as any casino....the casino is gonna win in the long run or they would have to close....but, fun to go and be able to play for a couple hours on a minimum budget some trips and here and there walk away with a winning outing. I enjoy the option of wagering a horse race here and there as well. I hate that the little restaurant was closed for the option of a mostly empty bar many nights and even some weekend nights. I liked that food option right there by the gaming floor and not going to the bingo hall to get food. I go down there less often because I live just across the border in Kansas and get better freeplay mailers from the casino up the turnpike and the ones closer to home in Oklahoma. It's the drawing me back part they lack at for me.