Emma Durocher
The Hideaway The Hideaway
Shoreline, Washington
"Emma Durocher"
I've played here a couple times. Stopped because one of the female dealers was flirting with another dealer who was playing during his off time, amongst the flirting she shorted me $600 in chips. Which I caught and was backed up by other players. I came in today to eat dinner because I remembered their Asian menu was good. I sat down for ten minutes and wasn't acknowledged. I had to walk up to the bartender and request menus and water. Then I patiently sat at the table ready to order and was never asked what I wanted. Once again had to walk up to the bar and order from another bartender. My glass was empty of water by 15 minutes and never refilled. I understand poker players are the priority but come on. I myself am a cook and it's just unacceptable customer service. I should have been paid for an hour of work. Won't be returning for poker or food.