Jeff Toplak
Wind River Hotel & Casino Wind River Hotel & Casino
Riverton, Wyoming
"Jeff Toplak"
This is a great hotel and casino. I stayed here from the 10th-12th of June and had a very good time. They are kid friendly too which is rare to find in a hotel/casino combo. The room was very nice. It has a flat screen tv that is wall mounted with the swivel option. So you can pull the tv off the wall and turn it to face the beds, couch, wherever you happen to be. The beds are very comfortable and the pillows were great! They also give you alot of pillows which is very nice. There is a couch and chair in the room that has a little half wall separating the beds from couch area. The bathroom was also nice. The showerhead is a real shower head not one of those cheap hotel kind. It is a very nice room and you will be greatly satisfied if you stayed there. Onto the food. The food is great we ate at both the Red Willow and the Cee Nokuu’ Café (ja-nuh-coo). The cafe is good for a quick bite or something cheap. We ate breakfast at the cafe and it was GREAT! The Red Willow lunch could be better. However; dinner at Red Willow was FANTASTIC! We spent $60 dollars and got steak, lobster, cheesecake and chocolate moose, and a kids meal. Soda is free in the casino so no need to get drinks. It was definitely GRADE A! I was very very satisfied with the dinner. We got ours to go and took it back to our room since we had our toddler with us. Definitely a great dinner. The hotel staff was very nice and helpfull. Any time we needed anything they were more then willing to help us. They also gave us a real crib instead of a playpen which was a very nice change from most hotels that have playpens and my son can flip himself out of. There are pictures of the hotel that I took and also the room. We were not allowed to take pictures of the casino for obvious reasons. I also have pictures of the food from the Red Willow but because the cafe is connected to the casino I didnt want to take pictures and risk the security of the casino in anyway.