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Penrith, New South Wales
"pauline lucas"
Dear Sir or Madam on the 14th of December 2014, a group of 16 of us held our Xmas party in the bistro after our grocery grab game, out of the 16 meals only mine was edible even though my gravy was swimming in the water from the vegetables which were not drained properly, the meals consisted of ( fish and chips which were cold the chips looked like they were scraps and the fish dry.) The other meals were Chicken pamaghana the sauce made the meal not edible as it made the chips soaked and the chicken also, the meals are not served as to make them attractive they r just piled on top of everything, surely decent chips can be bought and not so many placed on the meal,,we love the club and the staff are so friendly But we feel a need to report this as I know so many complaints of this issue are reported to the staff regularly, I hope this can b resolved as we will only purchase sandwiches until then. On a separate issue the points I had on my card prior to Xmas were somehow removed the girls have reported this twice and still the points have not been put back which also meant I was unable to use my card during this time thus costing me a lot of points from the poker machines and drinks, I hope this also can be resolved. yours sincerely Pauline Lucas a member for a lot of years.