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Jan 6 '16 at 5:55

Amanda M

Amanda M
In my opinion the don't have nearly enough tables open at once. When I got there it was pretty busy, late on a week night. There were only 3 tables open, and all were packed. One blackjack, one poker, and I think one roulette(but they could have just been counting). I sat and played blackjack for over an hour, got to know the other players and joke around with them. The dealer at the tone was very quiet. We all kept getting crappy hands and the dealer kept winning, so I said, in a joking manner with a smile, that she should stop winning and give us a chance! Apparently that REALLY pissed her off, because she got an attitude with me and said she had no control over the cards it was called gambling for a reason and if I wasn't ok with that maybe I shouldn't play cards. I was appalled. I have NEVER met a dealer that didn't joke around with the players, or at least have a good attitude. I will never go back, considering this was not the only employee that was extremely rude to me and my friend.