peter pro
Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"peter pro"
Main street hotel has the décor that captain Nemo would be proud of with all the wrought iron works. This is not a large strip hotel, and thank god for that. Cozy and fun, I always appreciated the way Main street felt. The buffet for breakfast is the best in town i thought. A great place to get a made to order omelet and some other morning staples. I rate the buffet very highly - but only for breakfast - it's still good for lunch, but breakfast is the stand out. A fun thing about this place - The men's bathroom has an authentic (real) Berlin wall for you to pee against. Imported from BERLIN. Unique to say the least. Have not stayed at the hotel yet, so can only speak for the buffet, and casino. Top marks =) Off the beaten path doesn't mean less.