Prairie Knights Casino & Resort
Fort Yates, North Dakota
Where do I start? Check in took about 20 Minutes, WITH NO CUSTOMERS THERE! Employee was too busy yapping with his friends, than taking care of customers. Carpets not clean in room. Tub didn't drain well. Also, too many silly rules here. They only will sell 2 Drinks at A Time for me to bring to room. What are we, in grade school? Also, cant bring Beer down from room. In DEADWOOD SD, they dont care about any of that. Hot Tub in Pool area not working. Whats with the wristbands? This isn't an amusement park. They should just make the door to Pool so u can open it with your room key. Problem solved. Then u dont need to hand out silly wristbands. And the Check in guy forgot to give it to us too. Common freaking sense. We ordered food at Bar. Service was EXTREMELY RUDE. Heavy set, female Bartender ASKED US TO PAY FOR FOOD IN ADVANCE! WTH? This isn't freaking McDonalds. I have never been asked to Pay in advance in a restaurant. Even in freaking Denny's or Perkins, for crying out loud, people Pay when theyre done eating. She responded that she needs to hold my CC, because "people leave without Paying". Wow, just wow. Is that what u think of your customers? What a rude comment for her to make. I am never coming back here. If u dont trust your customers, DONT be in business. Also, I asked her if they can Charge to my room, And she Told me to walk to the front desk to get some paper or something. Are u serious? They dont make rare burgers even though menu Says "cooked to order". No rare burgers is a deal breaker for me. Wings were not really buffalo wings. Fries were mushy. That Bartender didn't refill my wife's pop even once. Common courtesy. I asked her if she could change channel on tv, because nobody else was Watching anything and she responded, "if they change it, they change it". Finally they did change it to what i want,, but 30 Minutes later, they changed the channel to something else. EXTREMELY RUDE. This is the worst service I have EVER experienced, and I will never return here again. They dont even bring around Drinks to customers while Playing. Also, on The Lawn outside, full of dandelions and weeds. Spray the weeds. Lastly, when we Checked in, the clerk Said that he would make a note that we're Checking out at 12. At 11 AM, the housekeeper knocked on our door, so obviously she didn't get the "note". We Said we're Checking out at 12, then inexplicably, in A Few Minutes, another idiot housekeeper knocked on the door. 1 of my pet peeves is housekeeping knocking when I have a DND sign outside. This is amateurish and ridiculous. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I have been to Atlantic City, DEADWOOD, & other places where they Know how to run A Casino professionally. This aint it.