Kim Olson
Prairie Knights Casino & Resort
Fort Yates, North Dakota
"Kim Olson"
One of the most unfriendly places I have ever been to! you know the room is gross and disgusting when you take a shower and still feel nasty! Went back to our room at 2am and was just falling asleep around 3 when they decided that would be a good time to vacuum the hall right outside our door! Finally fell asleep at 4 and heard all kinds of commotion outside our door at 7am. Never did figure out what was going on. Ate at the restaurant and order the prime rib sandwich and got a piece of Coke dried up toast with a piece of rawhide on top. For the 5 1/2 hours we played we were offered a drink one time. I found the pop spicket and helped myself to a warm pop. When I asked for some ice I was told to go to the other side of the building to that bar and get some. Never going back to this place again and so disgusted that I didn't listen to others who told me not to waste my time and money!