Bruce Badger
Casablanca Casino
Palm Beach
"Bruce Badger"
Good building let down significantly by: Poor air conditioning the whole building felt a bit damp and our room never cooled below 25c (in late Oct). Staff were largely indifferent. Very busy having discussions with each other front of house while ignoring and even obstructing guests. It felt like a case of too many people wanting to be manager and nobody wanting to do the hospitality thing. Food was middling. Only one totally overworked person trying to manage the whole breakfast area. She really did as much as one could possibly expect of a lone person, while other members of staff were milling around in the background playing at manager (see above). The result was tables not being cleared as people left leaving later arrivals for breakfast to clear and set tables themselves from unused isolated place settings. Omelet undercooked with lots of uncooked egg white. Flies on the food. Nowhere for non smokers to eat which was free of smoke. Charging for Internet access. The only place we stayed in Morocco which did this. No locks on the balcony doors. With the right (small!) senior management team and fixed a/c this place could be really great.