David Cornelius
Cimarron Casino Cimarron Casino
Perkins, Oklahoma
"David Cornelius"
It's the worst casino I have ever been to there reels are to Tite and they pay out crappy and if you do get a jackpot you'll never get one again and you'll end up owing the irs.. I won like 27,658 just over night from 7pm to 2:45pm the next day and owe the irs 8400 in taxes lost my place and now live in my suburban.. I left with 2800 so the way I feel is they owe me for the last 8mos that they took from me so with 24,500.00 and 8 months of me coming back adds up to about 36,500.00 they should pay me something.. But there not there taking in to build a hotel witch no one will go to.. I say make it right or get a lawsuit for more :-).. If you're smart stay out or you'll end up like us...