Natalie H
It'se-Ye-Ye Bingo & Casino
Kamiah, Idaho
"Natalie H"
We've been to the seafood buffet on Friday night several times, and it was always excellent, with great food! We went tonight, and it was horrible. The food was cold, the vegetables were practically raw (I couldn't even get a fork in the carrots!), and the seafood was terrible. We were there just a couple of weeks ago, and tonight, everything had changed. Instead of just king crab, they had a mix of that and snow crab (mostly snow crab, with tiny legs), all of it pretty much cold, and there was a woman picking it out and putting it on the plate, instead of you getting it yourself. She didn't even know what a crab claw was. The quality of the crab was pretty much garbage compared to what it was previously. They used to have two kinds of fried shrimp, but tonight, it was just one. They also got rid of the shrimp scampi, and turned the shrimp alfredo into chicken alfredo, and the shrimp salad is gone too. They added pork loin, which we didn't taste, but we weren't there to eat pork. Basically, it is no longer a seafood buffet, since most of the dishes weren't seafood dishes, and it all tasted really awful. It would have helped if it was warm, and actually cooked like it should have been, but it was all cold. Oh, and they now serve some crappy frozen tasting fried potato wedges, instead of the delicious little steamed potatoes. The only good thing was the chicken alfredo, but it wasn't hot either. We won't be going back there again, because it was a huge waste of money. Sad, really, because it was so good before. At $27 a person, we could have had a delicious dinner elsewhere, that we didn't have to go get ourselves. The employees are still very nice though. At least that hasn't changed.