Bill Warren
Kiowa Casino
Devol, Oklahoma
"Bill Warren"
I've been a member of the Rewards club for several years and accumulated one million points. I used 250,000 at the gift shop for purses given to two employees in the bar area. I was 75 years at the time; so forget anything but friendship. In 2011, my health went south. Knee replacement and other medical problems limited my visits to Kiowa for several months when I did return,(12/ 30/12) they informed me that I had been gone over 13 months and lost my points. She told me the only way to get those points back was to go play and build them back up. The main reason that I had so many points was the Gift Shop quality was subnormal. I check it today and there;s no change (it still sucks). I've complained to all, from the bottom to the top. They have seen the last of me!! bill warren