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Mar 14 '16 at 14:17

Honest Abe

Honest Abe
Celebrity X is Not for Kids!!!!! SANJA and DENNIS of Celebrity X Constellation’s “Fun Factory” were the WORST!!!! Typically we cruise on Carnival Cruise lines but this time we decided to take a chance on Celebrity X since it had slightly better reviews. The price was higher but that’s a small thing when making memories and boy did we make some memories…all the wrong kind. It was more like a nightmare and what really made it the worst were the people in the “Fun Factory” specially SANJA and DENNIS!!! They were ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!!! They alone made this cruise was one of the worst experiences of my life. We thought we were going to go on a wonderful family adventure for spring break with our children (there were 9 in our party all together) but little did we know what we had in store. I would like to start off by saying that if you have young children going on a Celebrity Cruise (especially the Constellation); BEWARE!!!!! The so-called “Fun Factory” is filled with a bunch of non- professional individuals. Now I know what you’re thinking…”wow that’s a bit strong” but on the contrary it might not be strong enough. Starting with SANJA who is the rude Assistant manager of the “Fun Factory”. She was very condescending and judgmental, not to mention she implied that I was a bad parent because (remember we had 9 people in our party and 3 staterooms [which weren’t close to one another]) my 7 year old was staying a stateroom with his two brothers (25 and 22) and they picked him up from the Fun Factory 12 minutes after the 1:00am deadline on the day of Day Light savings time. Then they banned him from coming to the Fun Factory without even consulting me (His father, the person who registered him). So when my son’s sister took him they said he was banned and caused him to be all stressed out, thinking he had done something wrong. Who does that to a 7 year old. All they had to do was inform me that he couldn’t come back and it would have saved him from thinking that he was bad or had done something. Needless to say I was less than pleased. When I confronted SANJA she lied and said that I had not registered my son but when we checked the records, it was clear that I had registered my son. She (SANJA) also alleged that she had never seen me and that I had never dropped my son off at the “Fun Factory” which my son promptly refuted and the logs themselves confirmed that she had again lied. To be objective I cant say that the whole group working in the “Fun Factory” on the Celebrity Constellation is rude and condescending like SANJA but I can say that DENNIS is as well. He asked my 7 year old to check his 3 year old cousin’s diaper to see if he had “pooped” and when confronted about this he stated that he did because they weren’t allowed to touch a child….but get this they changed the 3 year old’s diaper. I guess they did so without touching him. Who in their right mind asks a 7 year old to check a 3 year old’s diaper. I know this sounds like I’m ranting but typically I wouldn’t write a review but this is a special case. I’m writing this review for three reasons: 1 Apparently reviews matter more than we (customers) know and it can affect them financially and 2 They need to know that this issue affected me so that I felt compelled to write a blistering review focusing on SANJA and DENNIS of the “Fun Factory” on the Celebrity Constellation. 3 I want to WARN all who are going to bring children onto the Celebrity X Constellation because SANJA and DENNIS don’t need to be around any children. In summary if you have children that you are leaving in the care SANJA and DENNIS who work in the on Celebrity X’s Constellation in the “Fun Factory”; you need to be very leery of them as well as the rest of the folks in there as well because poor leadership breeds poor performance. Better yet if you have children skip Celebrity X altogether and go with another cruise line.