Michelle Caldwell Martinez
Nooksack Northwood Casino Nooksack Northwood Casino
Lynden, Washington
"Michelle Caldwell Martinez"
My husband and I drove from Everett, WA to go eat here as people raved about the food. It was a couple hour drive. We were completely unwelcomed by the staff. We were approached by Security after I used the restroom as I was waiting for my husband to leave the bathroom. The lady walks up to us and asks me what I'm doing and why am I there. "Uh waiting for my husband to get out of the bathroom." She replies "There is no loitering in the walk ways." We had our 2 year old daughter with us which she almost snarled at and told us to go wait in the hallway until we could be seated at the "buffet area". I have no idea how to react to this, so we just simply left with out eating or doing anything. The locals that were there didn't seem very frieAndly either. I do NOT recommend this place to anyone. It's not friendly to families or people in general. It's for locals only and they made that painfully clear.