Shawn Keaton
Casino Tropicana Casino Tropicana
"Shawn Keaton"
I am a licensed travel agent been to a lot of different Resorts casinos and hotels I must say Tropicana is a straight-out dump aesthetically on the outside I'm coming into the hotel casino very beautiful customer service is horrible but some clients here they were treated horribly as well as I was treated horribly rooms were filthy we arrived around 7 o'clock did not get checked in to 11 o'clock at night due to their mix up and I lack of them making an effort of trying to get it Justified quickly as I stood there and listened to other people checking a very upset other people were having the same and similar problems they had people checked into the wrong room and they were acting nonchalant did not care check the family in a room with a baby to a smoking room and told them they had no more rooms are non-smoking and there was nothing they could do about it and the family told them they had booked it a non-smoking room as I stood at the counter I must to watch this happen similar over 10 times people being checked into room if they did not request it and they were very upset when we've got to our room they were very dirty and filthy heavy of smoke this morning at the buffet $21 for a buffet not too bad of food but food is not that fresh to the $21 Buffet sitting here looking out the window at the boardwalk looks horrible but the desire window ledge is very dirty